A tight collaboration with Biosensor s.r.l. allowed to design and produce two main prototypes AMP-BIOSENS & ANTIOX-BIOSENS that were used to produce the biosensors described below.

Exploiting the AMP-BIOSENS:

Prototype datasheet at:

–       Insights into photo-electrochemical sensing of herbicides driven by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells.

–       A photosynthetic biosensor with enhanced electron transfer generation realized by laser printing technology.

–       A polyphenol biosensor realized by laser printing technology

Exploiting the ANTIOX-BIOSENS

Prototype datasheet at:

–       Application of an optimized electrochemical sensor for monitoring astaxanthin antioxidant properties against lipoperoxidation


Biosensor s.r.l. also supported the development of a biosensor based on the activity of spinach thylakoids on Si-NWFETs.

LIFT-immobilized thylakoids for assessment of astaxanthin preservative effects on Si-NWFETs.

Manuscript submitted. See datasheet here

In particular, employees of Biosensors srl, Dr. Gianni Pezzotti and Dr. Giuseppe Rodio have participated to PHOTOTECH TD1102 as working group members collaborating to the realization of the described biosensor prototypes;  Dr. Laura Moro has participated to the final conference of PHOTOTECH TD1102 “Towards a photosynthesis-biobased economy”, 7-9 October 2015 CNR Headquarter, Rome, Italy, presenting new insights into integration of free and immobilized algae into microchips with different size and shape and design on lab-on-a chip.